Aurelie Bidermann

I’ve always admired the Aurélie Bidermann boutique on Lafayette Street; I love the striped blue awning and they have this cute little sitting area where you can try on pieces like you’re in your own living room.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with her, Aurélie Bidermann is that impossibly chic French girl you’ve always wished you could be, but didn’t have the right accent to pull it off. Her pieces have a gilded exuberance, influenced by her childhood in Paris and travels in South America no doubt. It’s her signature mixed media cotton braided bracelets and lace rings that have always captivated me, so I had to see more.

At the Soho boutique, I was helped by Javier, who when I told him that I was looking for a special ring brought me some interesting options. First was the Ali Mother of Pearl ring ($275), which is made of hornbeam wood and mother of pearl. It was a bit too geometric for what I’m going for, so we moved on to the Lapis Miki ring. I’m a huge fan of lapis lazuli, and this big chunk of it definitely pops in its gold-plated setting. It makes a serious statement, but totally overwhelmed my hand.

I also tried the Concorde ring. Made of 18K gold, the engraved scarabs almost act as little gems themselves, but I definitely wanted something with a bit more sparkle.

Of everything I tried, my favorite rings were the well-known Vintage Lace rings, which I tried in yellow and rose gold ($315). They feel both chunky and delicate at the same time, which is totally my jam.

Ultimately though, while I love Aurélie’s pieces, I’m leaning towards the fine jewelry realm for this occasion and thus the search continues.