The Single Girl's Engagement Ring

As I explained here, part of my motivation for starting A Few Little Gems was to launch an anthropologic exploration of the many forms of love, as symbolized through our cherished jewelry pieces.

The best starting place, and often overlooked form of love, is love of self. I’ve admittedly had a tumultuous relationship with myself, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from the see-saw of dating in New York it’s that it’s much better to love yourself first rather than relying on someone else to provide that for you. Easier said than done sometimes, but it’s something that I’ve really been working on and I think I’m finally ready to take my relationship with myself to the next level.

One of the most easily recognizable and tangible signifiers of love is the engagement ring. As a single woman, especially one with a fascination for gemstones, why wait for ‘the one’ to get down on one knee (more on this here), when I can take matters into my own hands? 

This is certainly not a new concept I know, women have long bought themselves rings. And this is not a declaration that I’ve given up on the idea of receiving a ring someday, rather the opposite actually. It’s a way of honoring myself, my strength and my accomplishments. Most importantly it’s a way of taking the power away from my self-imposed and deeply internalized stigma of not yet having an engagement ring.

So in the words of Beyonce, it’s time to put a ring on it (had to do it). And you better believe I’m going to have an amazing time doing it. It won’t be a diamond, but it will be something striking and distinctly me. I have no specific gems or metals in mind; the fun will be in choosing. I’m setting out to visit jewelers new and old and look at rings new and old to find the perfect fit and I’m going to document each one. Stay tuned to the journey to see which one makes the final cut!