Why a few little gems?

How often do you do something that scares the #$@&%*! out of you? For me, it was when I uprooted my life and moved from Toronto to New York in 2012. Since overcoming the total shock of taking that leap, and settling into the familiar joy and chaos of New York, I’ve been playing it pretty safe. So I figured it was time to take another leap and do something else that terrifies me: sharing my inner most thoughts with the world.

I originally thought about introducing you to A Few Little Gems by writing something about how I grew up loving jewelry and was inspired by my grandma’s extensive collection, which is true, but that’s just boring and it doesn’t tell you anything about me. The real reason is much messier, and scary to admit to a bunch of strangers, but let’s get real.

I had the idea for A Few Little Gems in January 2015, after a long year of random dates, each one having failed in spectacular fashion. I was left seriously questioning whether real love existed. I was more than jaded, and as a life-long hopeless romantic, I hated that feeling.

I’ve always wanted to start writing about jewelry, but nothing really felt right until I needed to restore my faith in love. This sparked an idea to start exploring our relationships with jewelry, specifically our most beloved and sentimental pieces. They’re often gifts from a romantic partner, a family member, friend or even ourselves, to symbolize some form of love and appreciation. And so I’m setting out to interview friends and strangers, to dig a little deeper and unearth the beautiful stories behind our daily talismans.

Along with those stories, I want to provide color to each piece by looking at larger themes within jewelry design and gemology. I’ve always loved jewelry, and I studied jewelry design in my post-graduate education, but I’ve still barely scratched the surface in terms of my knowledge. My secondary goal for A Few Little Gems is to keep studying and learning about jewelry making; gemology; different design styles and techniques; the role that jewelry has played throughout history; and its influence on the arts and society. I’ll certainly always be learning as I go, but in each post I hope to pass along some nuggets of wisdom, or ‘a few little gems,’ as I’ve always liked to call them.

xx Lo Forster

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