The Power of the Neck(lace)


I went to a healer about a year and a half ago (stay with me here). As I’ve written about before, I’m an optimistic skeptic, so I had a grain of salt firmed planted in my pocket (alongside my quartz crystal), but my skepticism was truly challenged in that session.

I made a casual mention of some neck pain I had been experiencing for a few days that I had just chalked up to too many chaturangas and an affinity for oversized shoulder bags. As we got deep into the session (the scent of sage was swirling in the air and an egg had been rubbed on my abdomen to draw out any negative emotions in the body) the question was posed as to whether I had had any difficulties saying no to someone recently. And come to think of it, I had felt like I couldn’t say no to a very significant someone about a very significant issue. My healer asked me to think of the physical motion used to signify no and as I shook my head from right to left, the real source of my neck pain suddenly presented itself.

This revelation came back to me recently as I was thinking about the neck and its recent fame. On the surface, it’s a very innocuous body part, but at its core it holds enormous power. For one, the neck holds up our head which is amazing. It also provides us with the power to communicate yes or no, both physically by nodding, and verbally by housing our vocal chords.

Similarly, the necklace has become a powerful piece of late. It has stolen a bit of the spotlight from the earring, which we all know has been this year’s break out Instagram star. And even before that, the ring stack and the “arm party” were having their extended moments, so the necklace has been waiting real patiently. Truthfully, I think we all needed a long-term separation from the statement necklace (guilty as charged, I blame J. Crew circa 2011. Still love you though Jenna!)

But the necklace is back baby! And because it’s been a while, one necklace is not enough. The true way to say, “I missed you old friend,” is to layer at least two, optimally three at a time. (Unless you’re having neck pain, in which case you may want to revisit any unresolved issues you might have with anyone!).

I talked to India Blue van Spall at Modern Society in London and LA (feature coming soon!) about the major jewelry trends they’re seeing and she told me, “Layering necklaces, one chain is never enough!” While I was visiting their London store recently, I indulged in a gorgeous chain from local brand Aligihieri and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. Now it just needs a few more friends. Some thoughts below…