Sam Wilensky - Yoga Babe

Operations Consultant and YOGA Babe

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One of the first things I noticed about Sam when I met her was her enviable style. And that epic tattoo of course. On top of all of this, she was super welcoming, open and honest about her struggles and successes and the process that is life.

She embodies a natural confidence that would make her a millionaire if she could bottle it up and sell it. And on top of all of that she’s a pretty amazing human. Her yoga class will kick your butt in the best way and she recently started her own business and is pretty much all around killing it at life.

She’s a total babe and inspires me in so many ways. More about Sam and her jewelry style below, in her own words.

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Is there anything or anyone who has inspired your jewelry style?

No one person in particular as much as just overall current trends that speak to me. I think I just sort of make it up as I go. 

Gold, silver or mixed?

I tend to buy gold, but I really like the look of silver and gold mixed. 

What are your all-time favorite pieces. Tell me about them.

I wear my great Aunt's wedding ring on my left index finger every day. It's very simple and beautiful and I think of her every time I look at it. 


My best friend and I used to frequent Artists & Fleas (amongst many other shops) in Williamsburg and one day bought matching pieces - me a bar bracelet and him a bar ring. He moved to LA over the winter and I miss him a ton but I wear this bracelet every day and think about him and how much fun we had/have on our shopping dates. 

I also have a "spoon bracelet" from when I was a baby. I'm certain it was big on me then, but it still fits me now and I wear it with the bar bracelet (mixing silver & gold!) on the reg. I should note that I have remarkably small wrists that makes bracelet shopping quite a challenge, but is a great perk in this case. 

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How does your approach to jewelry reflect your approach to life?

It's methodical and consistent. I have, historically, been a creature of comfort and structure and routine. And recently I've been steering away from needing so much structure but really into simplifying wherever I can. I wear the same jewelry every day and it all makes sense together. Anytime I'm considering a new piece, it has to fit into the current arrangement. 

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How does wearing jewelry make you feel? Does it give you any super powers?

It almost just feels like an extra limb or something. Like I start to feel naked without it. More than a super power, I think my jewelry speaks to my personality. Which I guess arguably is a super power. 

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Do you have any fave places to get jewelry in NY?

Verameat, Catbird, NY Adorned, In God We Trust, Artists & Fleas